Dull Week-end Palin Rumor Mongering

by digby

According to this report, Sarah and Todd are splittsville, which isn't exactly surprising. It often happens when an otherwise pretty average family (if being a governor is average) gets thrust into the national spotlight. Look at that "Jon and Kate Plus Eight Is Enough To Make Your Eyes Glaze Over" show.

But if it's true (and who the hell knows if it is) it will be yet another test of conservative Christian family values, which would surely say that Sarah and Todd should stay together no matter how miserable they are.

On the other hand, from a commercial standpoint, Sarah Palin being a single mom would be a goldmine, so there is an upside. Her "everywoman" persona would be complete and I think that's probably far more compelling -- and marketable --- than anything else about her.

Even Christian conservatives are gay or have affairs or get divorced and are single parents. In fact, they are exactly like all the liberal elites who are destroying the fabric of society. They just live in a hypocritical, patriarchal universe that is run by the credo "do as I say not as I do." It works out well for them. But the rest of us really don't have to listen.

And hey, more power to Sarah and Todd if they can't work it out and decide to move on. It's not the end of the world. There are Christian conservative hypocrites doing the same thing every day all over America.

Update: Palin denies it.

But there's this too:

The Ventura County Star reports:

Just days after officially stepping down as governor of Alaska, former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is dropping out of an advertised speaking engagement in Simi Valley ….

It was on Thursday that Palin’s spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton made public the news of the decision not to attend the event via Palin’s Facebook page.

Up to 900 people were expected to attend the event at $100 a ticket for members and $150 for non-members, but media had been barred from the occasion.

Evidently she said she had too much work to do.