Here Doggy!

by digby

Never let it be said that Newtie doesn't know his wingnut dogwhistles:

“You are asking us to trust turning power over to the government, when there are clearly people in American who believe in establishing euthanasia, including selective standards.”

Why the Democrats haven't found a way to use the Schiavo mess to their advantage on this, I don't know. The people of this country viscerally understand why end of life care is complicated and why people need living wills, which can, by the way, specify that they require every machine and extraordinary measure be used to keep them breathing as long as possible if that's what they want. Very few people actually want that, but without a living will the medical professionals have to keep them alive by every means possible or the family has to try to read the patient's mind and make the difficult decision themselves. It's an awful situation and completely preventable if everyone just specifies their wishes in advance.

It's despicable that these people are using demagoguery on a matter such as living wills. Nothing is more difficult and important when you are dealing with a dying loved one and its despicable that they are actually going out of their way to make this more difficult than it should be for purely political reasons. They are actually trying to get old people to be scared of having a living will and it is going to result in horrifying suffering among them and their families.

Once again, I sencerely hope there is a hell because all these jackasses are going to burn for enternity for the things they have done. The depths to which they've sunk in this health care debate is so awful I honestly don't know if they can go any lower.