Holding The Line

by digby

The NY Times this morning says that nobody knows what co-ops do, the Republicans are rejecting them outright and the Democrats are disappointed. And this is really funny:

Some lawmakers said the White House had sent mixed signals, confusing friend and foe alike on Capitol Hill.

Ya think?

Maybe it's 37 dimensional chess, but more confusion may not be the best tactic at the moment, what with the death panels, teabag hysteria and all. As I said yesterday, progressives can only hold their own line at this point and keep the pressure on. And they're doing it.

I was on a panel at Netroots Nation with Congressman Eric Massa. He was adamant about the public plan. There was no need to cajole him into supporting it, he had been there all along. He is also in a very tough swing district and his town halls have been horrific. It didn't move him, he stood and fought with his own constituents and came out even more committed because he realized just how important it was going to be to the very people who were so sadly misinformed.

That's called leadership and it deserves our support and thanks. So, Blue America thought it would be a good idea to do a little positive reinforcement and thank those who have gone out on a limb on this and are standing fast. 65 members of congress have pledged that they will not vote for a bill that does not contain a public plan and we would like to reward them.

If you have a couple of bucks to spare to thank the Progressive Caucus members who have drawn this line in the sand, please click here and give them your support.

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