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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


by digby

I get lots of interesting emails, but one of the most interesting recurring ones is a list that sends articles from this web-site:

WND and Corsi are now partnering on a new weekly online global financial strategies newsletter called RED ALERT. It is designed to help you survive – and maybe even prosper – in the turbulent times in which we live.

Jerome Corsi's RED ALERT is not for everyone.

It is designed for people of wealth and those who want to be people of wealth. It is for Americans who still believe in the American Dream and freedom-loving people around the world who would like to be part of the American Dream. It is for people who understand government's power must be limited or freedom ceases to exist. It is for those who understand national sovereignty is under attack as never before.

Jerome Corsi's RED ALERT is about empowering you to fight back – to turn challenges into opportunities, to turn economic downturns into personal wealth upturns, to find out what's ahead so you're not left behind.

* If you have assets of $1 million or more to protect, including your home, Jerome Corsi's RED ALERT is for you.

* If you earn $85,000 a year or more, Jerome Corsi's RED ALERT is for you.

* If you want to leave a legacy of freedom and opportunity to your children and grandchildren, Jerome Corsi's RED ALERT is for you.

Unlike some other exorbitantly priced financial newsletters, Jerome Corsi's RED ALERT represents a real bargain. Priced at $99 a year or $9.95 a month for credit card users, you won't have to spend a fortune to find out if this newsletter can help you build one.

And what do you get for your money? You get the insights and behind-the-scenes reports and deep analysis of one of America's top political thinkers, journalists, commentators and financial gurus.

Sounds awesome. All those millionaires must be lining up for the kind of financial insights only Jerome Corsi can provide. Insights like this:

More cracks have appeared in the official story of Barack Obama's
family life, with the revelation in school documentation from the
University of Washington that Ann Dunham most likely left her
husband, Barack Sr., within weeks of the baby's birth.

The official story as presented in his autobiography, "Dreams from My
Father," and in various accounts in newspapers and websites
supporting Obama conflicts with the results of a careful analysis of
the documentary evidence available.

For example, the official story claims Dunham relocated to Seattle
late in 1962, but documentary evidence establishes she left Hawaii
when she moved to Seattle in August or September 1961, only a few
weeks after the birth of Barack Obama Jr.

Likewise, the official story describes how Dunham and Obama Sr. lived
as man-and-wife in Hawaii until he left for Harvard to begin the fall
term in September 1962. But the documents establish Dunham abandoned
Obama Sr. when she left to begin school at the University of
Washington in Seattle for the fall term of 1961, which began in
September of that year.

The repositioning of the timeline revealed by the school documents
may mask a yet undisclosed secret that lies at the heart of the Obama
birth certificate controversy.

The Obama long-form original birth certificate continues to be hidden
from the public by Obama despite a multitude of requests to make the
document public.

But here are a number of critical dates documenting the birth of
Barack Obama Jr. from available public records.

•Ann Dunham was born Nov. 29, 1942, according to her original Social
Security Card. This would have made her 18 years old at the time
Barack Obama Jr. was born.

•Barack Obama Jr. was born Aug. 4, 1961; this would put his date of
conception at the earliest on or around Nov. 4, 1960, assuming there
was a full nine months of pregnancy.

•Records provided to WND by Stuart Lau, university registrar in the
Office of Admissions and Records at the University of Hawaii at
Manoa, document that Ann Dunham's first day of instruction at the
university was Sept. 26, 1960, less than six weeks before the
earliest date Barack Obama, Jr. could have been conceived.

•Ann Dunham and Barack H. Obama, Sr.'s divorce decree states they
were married Feb. 2, 1961, in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii. This would mean
Obama's parents were married approximately three months after Barack
Obama, Jr. was conceived, if the baby went full-term.

•Instead of staying in Hawaii with her husband and new baby, Ann
Dunham began classes at the University of Washington in Seattle in
September 1961 for the autumn semester, less than two months after
Obama was born. WND confirmed this date with Madolyne Lawson of the
Office of Public Records at the University of Washington.

•Ann Dunham took up residence in Seattle at 516 13th Ave. E.,
according to the 1961 Seattle Polk directory. This residence was torn
down in 1985 and is now replaced by twin Capital Park residential
towers; the Seattle Polk Directory listing is for a "Mrs. Anna
Obama," a variant of her name that most researchers have considered
to be Ann Dunham.

Ann Dunham's residence in Seattle, 1961 (Washington State Archives,
Puget Sound Branch, King County Assessor Property Record Card

•At most, Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham lived together for
approximately eight months, from Feb. 2, 1961, the date of their
marriage, until September 1961 when Ann Dunham began her studies at
the University of Washington. But there is nothing on the public
record to suggest Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. ever lived together
again as man and wife.

•There is nothing on the public record to suggest that Ann Dunham's
mother, Madelyn Dunham, accompanied her daughter to Seattle in
September 1961, even though she was 18 years old and responsible for
a baby who was less than two months old.

•There is no evidence on the public record that Obama Sr. ever joined
his wife in Seattle. Instead, the public evidence is that Obama Sr.
remained in Hawaii, while his wife and infant son established their
residence in Seattle.

•Obama Sr. began studies at Harvard University in September 1962,
which means Dunham did not return to live in Hawaii until after Obama
Sr. had left the islands, never to return to Hawaii again as a

•The same records show Dunham did not resume her studies at the
University of Hawaii until April 1963 for the spring semester, when
Barack Obama was approximately one year and five months old.

•Dunham and Obama Sr. were divorced Jan. 20, 1964.
The dates appear reliable, especially given the limited documentary
evidence available about Barack Obama’s birth circumstances.

Timeline of President Obama's birth

The timeline raises several questions:

1.Were Dunham and Obama Sr. ever very much in love, even at the
beginning of their relationship, or was the marriage always one of
convenience arranged to mask an inconvenient pregnancy?

2.Did Dunham and Obama Sr. ever live together as man and wife, and if
so, what testimony is there from neighbors at the time that would
establish their residence address?

3.Was Obama Jr. born in Hawaii, or was he born in Kenya? Could he
have been born in Seattle or possibly even in British Columbia?

4.What hospital was Obama Jr. born in, and who was the attending
physician? What official records establish these facts?

5.Who are Obama Jr.'s true birthright parents?

6.Why has President Obama prevented the release to the American
public of his long-form original birth certificate listing the
hospital of his birth, the attending physician and the identity of
his parents, as recorded at the time of his birth? What information
is on the original, long-form birth certificate that President Obama
does not want the American people to see?
Many of these questions should be able to be answered if the American
public could authenticate Barack Obama's original long-form birth
certificate listing the hospital where he was born, the date and time
of the birth, the attending physician and the names of the parents.

This leads to what is perhaps the key question: What is it the White
House is determined to hide by refusing to release the president's
original long-form birth certificate?

Moreover, while President Obama and his supporters have made many
photographs available from his childhood, important gaps remain:

•No photographs have yet surfaced showing Ann Dunham pregnant in 1961.

•No photographs have yet surfaced with Barack Obama Sr. and Ann
Dunham with Barack Obama Jr. as an infant in the hospital where he
was born.

•No photographs have yet surfaced of Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr.
with Barack Obama Jr. after the newly born infant was taken home from
the hospital.

When and why did Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham separate?

In his autobiography, "Dreams from My Father," Barack Obama Jr. tells
the story that his mother and father first separated when Barack
Obama Sr. left Hawaii to attend Harvard.

On page 10, Obama presents this version of the story, writing: "He
[Barack Obama Sr.] won another scholarship – this time to pursue his
Ph.D. at Harvard – but not the money to take his new family with him.
A separation occurred, and he returned to Africa to fulfill his
promise to the continent. The mother and child stayed behind, but the
bond of love survived the distances …" (ellipsis in original)

The Seattle Times, reporting on the Obama family history in April
2008 when Obama was emerging as a frontrunner for the Democratic
Party presidential nomination, disclosed that the family separated
when Ann Dunham left Hawaii to enter the University of Washington in
Seattle. But the paper incorrectly pushed Ann Dunham's relocation to
Seattle to 1962.

In the published article, Seattle Times staff reporter Jonathan
Martin wrote: "By 1962, Dunham had returned to Seattle as a single
mother, enrolling in the UW for spring quarter and living in an
apartment on Capital Hill."

This version allows a few more months for the young mother to care
for her infant son while living yet with her husband in Hawaii.

On Oct. 21, 2008, the Seattle Weekly published yet a different
version of the story: "But [Ann Dunham] returned to live in Seattle
around 1962, after Barack was born in August 1961, leaving her
husband, Kenya-born Barack Sr., and his newborn namesake in Hawaii."

The assumption in the Seattle Weekly story is that Ann Dunham left
the baby with her parents, Stanley Armour Dunham and Madelyn Dunham,
who ultimately raised the future president.

Nicole Brodeur, a Seattle Times staff columnist, interviewed Ann
Dunham’s high school "best friend" Maxine Box in February 2008.

According to this version, Box last saw Ann Dunham in 1961, "when
[Ann Dunham] visited Seattle on her way from Honolulu to
Massachusetts, where her then-husband was attending Harvard."

Box also told the Seattle Times that Ann Dunham showed no interest in
baby-sitting when they were in college, suggesting she was surprised
when Dunham ended up pregnant only a year after graduating from
Mercer Island High School.

"[Dunham] felt she didn't need to date or marry or have children,"
Box recalled for the Seattle Times interview published in March 2007.

Then, commenting on the birth of Barack Obama Jr., Box said, "I just
couldn't imagine [Ann Dunham's] life changing so quickly.".

Unfortunately for Box, Barack Obama Sr. still was in Hawaii; he did
not leave for Harvard until the following year.

In an unusual video now removed from the Internet, Ann Dunham's high
school friend Susan Blake also claimed Dunham visited Seattle in
August 1961 with her infant son. Blake said she changed the baby's
diapers. The video is still noted and transcribed as footnote No. 21
in Ann Dunham's Wikipedia entry.

What Ann Dunham was doing in Seattle immediately after her baby was
born is unclear, unless she was there to find an apartment so she
could start school in September 1961 at the University of Washington.

Others have speculated that perhaps Barack Obama Jr. was born in
Seattle, or possibly in Canada, allowing Dunham to be in Seattle
immediately after the future president's birth without having to fly
from Hawaii to the mainland sometime between Aug. 4, 1961, when the
baby was born, and September 1961 when the fall term began at the
University of Washington.

Barack Obama Jr.'s babysitter in Seattle

Mary Toutonghi, according to an interview published in the Seattle
Chat Club blog, claimed to have baby-sat for the future president at
Dunham's Seattle apartment in January and February 1962. The Toutongi
interview provides no information about Dunham arriving in Seattle to
begin classes in September 1961.

When asked why Dunham left her husband in Hawaii to come to Seattle
with her infant son, Toutongi explained Dunham told her that she and
the baby would be going to Kenya when she finished her education, as
she had promised her parents when she was married.

Toutongi also added Dunham's explanation that her husband had an
obligation to his tribe to take another wife that was a full-blooded
Kenyan. Toutongi further commented, "I don't think I could have been
that brave."

In an interview with WND, Toutongi said she baby-sat for infant Obama
"for two or there months, when he was seven months old," adding "it
was in the spring."

Given Obama’s birth on Aug. 4, 1961, this would put the dates
Toutongi baby-sat infant Obama in February and March 1962.

"My daughter was 18 months old and she just had her 50th birthday
this year," Toutongi recalled. "So, that would make the time around
February and March 1962."

"Ann Dunham and the baby moved in while we were there," she
remembered. "We managed the house and they had the rooms on the first
floor to the right, immediately above the garage. Each of the rooms
on that floor comprised a one-bedroom apartment. I can't remember
when she moved in, but the baby was seven months old."

"It was kind of weird, but she never told me why she abandoned her
husband," she commented. "I don't know if the courses she wanted were
here. I couldn't figure out why she was here in Seattle while her
husband was in Hawaii."

Did Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham ever live as man and wife?

WND has previously reported the birth notices for Barack Obama Jr.
that were published in the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin
in 1961 do not provide solid proof of a birth in Hawaii because of
uncertainties over the policies and procedures used by the newspapers
at that time.

WND hired a private investigator in Hawaii to seek out neighbors who
lived in 1961 adjacent to 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, the address
listed in the newspaper published birth notices.

According to an affidavit filed with WND by the private investigator,
Beatrice Arakaki was a neighbor who has lived at her current
residence of 6075 Kalanianaole Highway from before 1961 to the

Arakaki did not recall the Obama family living in the neighborhood,
and she was unaware of any young couple living at 6085 Kalanianaole
Highway that met the Obama family description.

If Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham lived at this address when Barack
Obama Jr. was born, the original long-form birth certificate should
confirm this address as the residence of the baby at birth.

The Hawaii short-form Certification of Live Birth lists no residence
address information.

Obama's birth certificate is not the only document at issue. WND has
reported that among the documentation not yet available for Obama
includes his kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental
College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis,
Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly
articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records,
files from his years as an Illinois state senator, Illinois State Bar
Association records, any baptism records and his adoption records.

Case closed. Not only isn't Barack Obama a citizen of the United States of America, he isn't a citizen of planet earth. In fact, he doesn't actually exist.

And to think that for only a hundred bucks a year you too can be privy to this kind of "deep analysis." A bargain at any price.