Don't Fuck With Fox

by digby

So Van Jones resigned and a great sigh of relief is felt all over the village. The dangerous radicalism we've recently been seeing in our political discourse has been eradicated with his departure and the administration can pursue its agenda without any other distractions from the kooky fringe. Thank God for that.

I would hope that these leftist extremists like Color of Change will think twice before they go after an upstanding company like FOX News because the lesson here is that somebody is going to pay a big price for doing it. In fact, it probably would pay to keep a close eye on the FOX gasbags from now on to get an idea of which groups or individuals have offended the network and get rid of them before anyone has a chance to make a public stink. It would save everyone a lot of time and trouble.


Politico sez:
Beck repeatedly called attention to Jones's past comments and affiliations without mentioning that he was also the co-founder of ColorOfChange, the African-American activist group leading a boycott against the Fox host. Even before the boycott, Beck mentioned Jones twice on his radio show and twice on television, but his criticism intensified considerably as dozens of companies agreed to cease running ads on his Fox show. (The boycott started after Beck called Obama "a racist" on Fox & Friends).

It was a wise strategy in making the story less about Beck vs. ColorOfChange, and instead focusing the attention — with the help of fans online — to Jones (and his role in the Obama White House). Beck mentioned Jones on 14 episodes, according to the Washington Independent's Dave Weigel, while also railing against him on "The O'Reilly Factor."

Very "wise" yes.