Public Service Announcement

by digby

For those of you lucky enough to have a job, the public option debate in the finance committee is being liveblogged by Brian Beutler and is streaming here.

Update: You have to love this:

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) continues to be a scold to the liberals in his party. Before a crowd of over 200 gathered at a senior center in Nebraska, Nelson said health care reform ought to pass with 65 votes--a feat which would require at least five Republicans to break with their party.

"I think anything less than that would challenge its legitimacy," he said.

That's so true. It's so much more legitimate to give 35 political enemies of the majority party veto power over all legislation, which is the very definition of democracy.

Update II: Dday, writing over at Brave New Films has a post up about the public option, replete with a BNF video to illustrate everything that's wrong with the Baucus Plan.