Winger Wizardry

by digby

Over at Red State, some right wing Alaskan pol thinks politics were invented the day he read Saul Alinksy and tells quite a heroic tale about how he personally destroyed Democrats for fun and profit. He seems to think this is particularly brilliant:

We really won’t have to off many Members of Congress before they begin to distance themselves from Comrade Obama. Safe districts make some of them ideologues and they can get away with it, but Pelosi and Obama can’t assemble a majority from the true lefties in Congress. We have to target the vulnerable Members from red and purple districts.

I don't think anyone's thought of that before, so I sure hope nobody sends that to Michael Steele or we could be in real trouble.

Now this, this, is a plan:

It would also be a good thing to find some true Lefty member with some personal vulnerability and hound him or her from office.It would be well if some governors would recognize that we are in an existential battle with these people, so maybe some state law enforcement in states we control can take an interest in any Democrat Members of Congress from that state. Hear me, Southern governors?

I'm sure Ex-Alabama Governor Siegelman would be happy to consult.