An Armed Citizenry

by digby

Some Republican official in Florida says:

"As long as we have the second amendment, that's what keeps the government dealing with us. That's what gives us the right to freedom of speech that's what gives us the right to freedom to assemble, because the government knows the bottom line is that we are an armed citizenry."

Really? Being armed is what makes the government deal with us and "gives us" our inalienable rights? Because if that's the case, I'd better load up on tanks, aircraft carriers and nuclear bombs because from where I sit the government has me seriously outgunned.

Update: BTW, does anyone think it's a great idea to arm that senior citizen in the video who's shooting willy nilly and saying "I don't know what I'm doing!" I'm sure we'll need the manpower when the revulushun comes and all, but maybe they could assign her to the rear and have her knit flags or something. The idea of her running around with a gun is more than a little bit unnerving.