As Ye Sow

by digby

... so shall ye reap.

Here's David Keene, president of the American Conservative Union, being confronted by Wingnut 3.0, The Palinite:

Think Progress has the whole story, culminating with a big showdown:

Ziegler ultimately left the conference on his own volition. Summarizing his experience at CPAC, Ziegler said, “If David Keene is a guy who is a leader in the conservative movement, that’s a movement I don’t want to be a part of.” Ziegler’s antics have attracted support throughout the conservative blogosphere.

This is interesting. People like Keene and Richard Viguerie carved out important roles for themselves as movement voices who fought against Republican political establishment compromise --- and made a very tidy profit at it. There's a lot of money in being the "keeper of the flame" and standing first in line to indict the Party for being insufficiently rigorous in its application of movement ideology. Now they are being attacked by a new generation of conservatives for being complacent, establishment figures themselves who have sold themselves out to the highest bidder. And they don't like it one bit.

And it's just too funny that those who turned St Ronnie into the second coming are offended that the Wingnut 3.0s believe Sarah Palin is their Reagan. What did they expect?

Update: Wingnut 3.0 explains himself. Awesome.