The Big Story

by digby

David Shuster just committed one of those beltway gaffes that inadvertently exposes their real sense of priorities:

The President: ... whenever I see statistics like the one we saw today, my mind turns to the people behind them --- honest, decent Americans who want nothing more than the opportunity to congtribute to the country and help build a better future for themselves and their families... building an economy of the future will not happen overnight. But we will build it. On that I am both confident and determined. And on behalf of every American I will continue in that effort each and every day for as long as I am in this White House. Thank you very much everybody.

Shuster: That was President Obama at the White House talking in the end there about the unemployment figures. The unemployment again rate shooting up to 9.8%, short of the 10% that some had feared. But the numbers were worse than expected. But the big news, of course, is that over the last 18 or so hours president Obama has been on this journey to Copenhagen and back. He lobbied hard along with the first lady Michelle Obama, for the Olympics ....

He went on to say that conservative talk show hosts say that Obama hurt the prestige of the presidency, which is a huge problem that we should all be concerned about. He promised a long debate on the subject.

Then he went on to talk about John Ensign's mistress and her husband. And David Letterman.

*In case you actually care about that boring job story, this will give you a good idea of just how awful it really is. This too. And this.

Now back to your regularly scheduled news.