Blue Dogging Blanche

by digby

I'm sure you all recall Blue America's ad campaign to persuade Blanche Lincoln to support the public option. Now that she has become one of the pivotal votes, we are taking another shot at it and running the ads all over Arkansas for two weeks on every cable news show known to man (except FOX.)

We don't know what Lincoln's going to do. She, along with Conrad and Baucus, are the only Democrats to vote against all forms of the PO in the Finance Committee. It's hard to imagine that she's going to vote for a plan that contains one on the floor. But there is no reason that she shouldn't allow her party to have an up or down vote even if she votes no in the end. It's all about cloture at this point and we need to keep the pressure on.

You can view the ads and donate here if you're so inclined.