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I guess this Nobel Peace Prize is more about intentions than accomplishments, although the symbolism of the first African American ascending to the presidency is a sign of peaceful progress in America to be sure. But if that was part of the reasoning, I wouldn 't get my hopes up too much. Adele Stan at Alternet has begun documenting some of the atrocities:

John Bolton, Bush's former U.N. ambassador, told The National Review that Obama should decline the award (a move that would probably not play so well on the world stage):

“The Nobel committee is preaching at Americans, but they won’t be deceived,” says Bolton. “He should decline it and then ask to be considered again in three or four years when he has a record.”

“I was nominated three years ago and I’m still waiting for the call,” laughs Bolton. “Today’s news is just another demonstration of how politicized the Nobel Peace Prize has become, from President Carter winning in 2002, to Al Gore in 2007, and President Obama in 2009."

"When the award was given to President Carter, the chairman of the committee said that it was a 'kick in the leg' to the Bush administration," recalls Bolton. "This is yet another 'kick in the leg' for the Bush administration."

Then there are those who simply can't accept that a black man won the Nobel. Here's Erick Erickson at Red State:

I did not realize the Nobel Peace Prize had an affirmative action quota for it, but that is the only thing I can think of for this news. There is no way Barack Obama earned it in the nominations period

Back at the National Review Online, blogger Andrew Stuttaford, riffing on the internet craze of mocking American culture and just about anything through the character of Adolf Hitler at the time of his downfall, trots out a Hitler metaphor:

How Long Can It Be . . .

. . . before we see another Downfall rewording, this time with Hitler shocked and disappointed that he didn't win the Nobel Prize?

(And no, this is not a cunning attempt to compare the president to the Fuhrer . . .)

At ResistNet, home to the Fringy McFringers of the Tea Party movement -- gun nuts, birthers, and more Hitler analogists who apparently form the base of the Republican Party -- a discussion board takes on the topic of whether Obama's Nobel is proof that he is actually the anti-Christ. (ResistNet is a project of Grassfire, an astroturfing outfit with friends in high places -- like the U.S. Congress. Senator Jim DeMint and Rep. Mike Pence are Grassfire boosters.)

Reply by Herbert L Ring Jr

While taking my youngest granddaughter to the bus stop this morning @ 7:30, an announcement came over the radio that literally had me shaking. The announcer said "PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS JUST AWARDED THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE". Can someone please tell me how one man can have so many believeing every word he says? Lately I have been watching the History Channel who's subject has been centering on the ANTICHRIST. Go to their archives, people, and watch what the experts are saying. Then tell me what your opinion is about Mr Obama relative to that subject. It's not just an issue that the people of the United States were mesmerized by his talk, it appears now that the world has fallen for it. If never before, we MUST rise up and be stronger than ever

The Peace Prize has not been kind to conservatives in recent years and they are in a continual state of sputtering outrage about it. But maybe that's because they are so violent.

Update: Media Matters is also documenting the reactions. Wow. And watch this: "Rooting Against America: Nobel Prize Edition:"

Update: What Shayera said.