Such Sweet Sorrow

by dday

You may have noticed that a story of mine, about Senate liberals pushing back and demanding Harry Reid put a public option in any bill that hits the Senate floor, popped up on Firedoglake today. There's a good reason for that.

I've accepted a position with Firedoglake running a new site over there that will be called FDL News. The site has not yet gone live bit will come into being in the next couple weeks; in the meantime I'll be posting on the main site over there, starting next Monday (today was kind of a preview). It's an opportunity to do a mix of breaking news, analysis and some original reporting. Firedoglake has some fine bloggers in their stable and I'm excited about the opportunity.

Unfortunately, the downside to all this is that I will be unable to continue here at Hullabaloo, at least in the short term. I've been posting here for close to two years now, and there is absolutely no way I would have ever had an opportunity to blog full-time were it not for Digby taking a chance on me and letting me play in the sandbox over here. I couldn't be more grateful and thankful to her for doing so. And I'm not just a colleague, but a fan, so I'll miss most of all the experience of sharing the stage day after day with someone who consistently drills down to the truth of our politics on a daily basis. Not to mention Tristero and everyone else who hangs out here.

I also want to thank the audience here. Our commenters are certainly not meek and they often give me a thorough going-over, but I actually appreciate that greatly. It has certainly made be a better writer and forced me to challenge assumptions on several occasions. To those who have read me in the past, I hope you'll come over to FDL and give me a read sometime. To those others who constantly scan through the bylines flipping past the "by dday"s while heading straight to the "by digby"s, I'm eliminating that minor nuisance from you! You're welcome!

It will be very hard to step away from this perch, which I still consider the best platform in the whole blogosphere. But this is a chance I just couldn't pass up. My last posts here will be on Friday; I'll be sure to let you know a short time afterwards where precisely you can find me at FDL. Thanks so much to everyone.