Human Sacrifice

by digby

Dday reports:

…Wow, it looks like the Stupak amendment will get a floor vote. The Democratic leadership is making a bet that, if it doesn’t pass, Stupak and his cadres will sign on to the bill (I highly doubt it; most of them are no votes on health care entirely); and if it does pass, pro-choice Democrats won’t sink the bill entirely (also, I highly doubt it). I’m a bit surprised that it’s come to this. Also, Stupak appeared to have lied in the Rules Committee about how the deal “fell apart,” since he got what he wanted.

I'm not surprised. In fact, I've been writing that this was likely to happen for quite some time. I think the amendment will pass and I think liberal, pro-choice Democrats will vote for it in the final bill. This has always been the predictable dynamic on health care. I will not be happy to be right. (And I really, really hope I'm wrong.)

I suspect that the leadership decided that abortion was the least important thing they could throw to the slavering Blue Dogs to take home as a victory over the liberals in this debate. And they had to find a hippie to punch to make the thing acceptable to the villagers, so they decided to punch the desperate pregnant girl. She's used to it.

Since the Republicans have made themselves irrelevant with their obstructionism the Democrats have decided that in order to further the president's edict to change the tone and further bipartisanship they will just have to compromise with themselves.
Democrats everywhere will now be able to brag about furthering the Godly cause of forced pregnancy, while having also voted to pass health care.

If this passes it will have been an historic week for the denial of constitutional rights under our new "liberal" majority. I'm sure conservatives are very impressed and will vote for Democrats forever and ever because of it.

Update: if you want to make a call on this HCAN has an advomatic page for it.