The Socialist Scientists

by digby

As you know from the shocking revelations about the climate crisis hoax, the pointy headed scientists are the last ones to whom anyone should listen because they all have an agenda (unlike the faith based people and corporations who just call it as they see it.) However, it's probably a good idea to keep up with what the nerds are saying just so we know what we need to reject out of hand.

Here's a new one on health care:

A new analysis by a leading MIT economist provides new ammunition for Democrats as the Senate begins formally debating the historic health-reform bill being pushed by President Barack Obama.

The report concludes that under the Senate’s health-reform bill, Americans buying individual coverage will pay less than they do for today's typical individual market coverage, and would be protected from high out-of-pocket costs.


Gruber’s conclusion: “[F]or those facing purchase in the non-group market, the … bill will deliver savings ranging from $200 for singles to $500 for families in today’s dollars – even without subsidies. The savings are much larger for lower income populations that receive premium credits.

“This is in addition to the higher quality benefits that those in the exchange will receive, with actuarial values for low income populations well above what is typical in the non-group market today. It is also in addition to all the other benefits that this legislation will deliver to those consumers – in particular the guarantee, unavailable in most states, that prices would not be raised or the policy revoked if they became ill.”

Now David Broder has talked to every "expert" at the Washington Post (well almost every expert)and got a different answer, so take all this with a grain of salt. Still, it's important to know what the "scientists" are saying. They often have undue influence on decision making.