What's The Story

by digby

So, I went out for dinner and I came back to the fatuous gasbags all very solemnly declaring that the health care bill may very well fail and that this is a very serious rebuke to the Obama. At the moment I'm writing this, only Virginia has been called. Apparently, the fact that Virginia always elects an opposite member of the president's party must have also been rebukes to Obama.

At this point, the only thing that seems obvious to me is that the super wealthy just aren't as popular as they used to be. Even in New York City.

But who really knows about the rest of it? These people pretend to offer analysis and all kinds of conclusions about the the results, but they are really just advancing a pre-ordained narrative. Every once in a while something comes out of left field that they can't fit into their storyline and they have to improvise.

I have no idea what it all means except that whatever it does mean is unlikely to be very informative about the next election. The volatility in our economy and political system makes predictions a year out even more unreliable than usual. Democrats will likely lose seats, the question is how many. That's about it.

In case you have forgotten how these elections have been spun in the past, this handy little reminder from Media Matters tells the the real story.

Update: If you want the exit poll analysis from ABC, click here. They think we're going to relive 1994.