Alternative, Bizarro Universe

by digby

Krugman offers up a nice simple historical reminder of what really caused the financial crisis. (Hint: it wasn't poor people.) And then writes this:
Talk to conservatives about the financial crisis and you enter an alternative, bizarro universe in which government bureaucrats, not greedy bankers, caused the meltdown. It’s a universe in which government-sponsored lending agencies triggered the crisis, even though private lenders actually made the vast majority of subprime loans. It’s a universe in which regulators coerced bankers into making loans to unqualified borrowers, even though only one of the top 25 subprime lenders was subject to the regulations in question.

Oh, and conservatives simply ignore the catastrophe in commercial real estate: in their universe the only bad loans were those made to poor people and members of minority groups, because bad loans to developers of shopping malls and office towers don’t fit the narrative.

In part, the prevalence of this narrative reflects the principle enunciated by Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” As Democrats have pointed out, three days before the House vote on banking reform Republican leaders met with more than 100 financial-industry lobbyists to coordinate strategies. But it also reflects the extent to which the modern Republican Party is committed to a bankrupt ideology, one that won’t let it face up to the reality of what happened to the U.S. economy.

So it’s up to the Democrats — and more specifically, since the House has passed its bill, it’s up to “centrist” Democrats in the Senate. Are they willing to learn something from the disaster that has overtaken the U.S. economy, and get behind financial reform?

As long as Holy Joe is there to protect us from ourselves, I doubt it.

I suppose if they were to give up their faith based belief that "free markets" are magic and beautiful and make all good people wealthy, their whole worldview would fall apart. So it must be that the poor black people caused the problem. They always do, don't you know.

It's worth bookmarking the column for your upcoming holiday get togethers when your Auntie Hermoine starts going on about government spending causing the meltdown.