by digby

The Republican braintrust of Coburn and Vitter thought they were being very, very clever:

Whenever Democrats talk about their proposed federally backed insurance plan, or public option, in the ongoing health-care debate, critics pipe up. If you think this public option is so great, they say, why don't you demand that all members of Congress go on it, too?

Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown says that's a fine idea. And this morning, he forced his way onto a Republican amendment saying as much, becoming a co-sponsor of a Republican protest measure that would require Congress to go on the public option if it passes.

Fact is, Republicans pushing the amendment are using it as a form of rotten eggs to hurl at their opponents. But Brown, a key sponsor of the public option legislation, likes those eggs.


Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma didn't seem to be in a hurry to bring on Brown as a co-sponsor. Coburn had Republican co-sponsors, but Brown's office says the Ohio Democrat never could get a commitment to be added, despite nine calls from his staff to Coburn's staff over the last week...

But in an open, televised proceeding, who's going to oppose a senator's genuine desire? So fellow senators granted Brown's wish.

Dodd and Mikulski signed on too. And then this guy took to the floor:

You have to love that Sly Stuart Smiley "we've been married for 34 years" line.

I think Al's finding his feet. He's got six long years to drive the Republicans nuts.