Call Captain America

by digby

I think Dana Rhorabacher has delivered the best wingnut rationale for opposition to global warming. It's a conspiracy of global elites!

ROHRABACHER: Copenhagen may well lay the foundations for the future that the globalists who are pushing this agenda envision for us. [...] What the Copenhagen crowd would mandate and can be traced back to the same alliance between our own radical environmentalists and the global elite. [...] This is about centralizing power into the hands of global government, that’s what Kyoto and Copenhagen are all about, that’s what the globalist alliance is all about. [...]

We must fight the globalist clique that is trying to shackle generations of Americans. … Members of Congress need to hear from angry constituents, and I predict they will.

Why didn't we see this before? Why, it's got the word "global" right in it!

This goes right to the heart of the right wing conspiracy fringe and works perfectly with their New World Order paranoia and subterranean global conspiracies about the Rothschilds and the gold standard and a bunch of other crazy hooey. (Think Progress points out that this tracks perfectly with 9/11 truther Alex Jones' list of global conspiracies, which no doubt includes fluoridated water stealing his manly essence.)