Heads Must Roll

by digby

The other day I mentioned that the Villagers were ginning up a scandal over this party crasher story that would eventually require the resignation of someone in the White House. It's not about security. They really can't be bothered with such trivia. But God help anyone who presumes to ignore the approved social pecking order. One simply does not presume to attend events which are confined to Very Important Villagers and someone must be sacrificed on the alter of Sally Quinn lest the entire social order be threatened.

Eric Boehlert has found the perfect example of tabloid Village media gleefully pushing this sort of gossipy narrative with the usual cheap insinuations. And naturally, it's from Politico.

If you haven't been following the recent back and forth between Politico and the White House, read this. They are the very essence of the Village and the Obama White House is finding out just how sharp their claws can be.