The Manly Deniers

by digby

In spite of Sarah Palin's recent high profile on the subject, studies show that vast majorities of climate science skeptics are men, which I did not know. This article ponders why that might be and references a pretty amazing poll that delves deeper into people's attitudes on the subject and their demographic makeup:

The genders were roughly equally represented in the middle groupings, but at the margins the divide was absolutely stark: "Almost two-thirds of the Dismissive are men (63%), the largest gender split among the six segments," the report concluded.

What else did the survey reveal about the "dismissive" group?

"More likely than average to be high income, well-educated, white men... much more likely to be very conservative Republicans... strongly endorse individualistic values, opposing any form of government intervention, anti-egalitarian, and almost universally prefer economic growth over environmental protection... have a specialized media diet, with a higher than average preference for media sources that reflect their own political point of view."

That actually surprises me. Unless it turns out that these guys are all lying about how much education and income they have (which is always possible) this is not a group I would have expected to be deniers. Highly educated, wealthy, Randian Fox viewers? Maybe ...