Oh For Crying Out Loud

by digby

Here's the Nelson abortion compromise:

In the House health care bill, consumers who receive federal premium subsidies would be forbidden from buying any insurance policy that covers abortion. That provision--the so-called Stupak amendment--threatened to blow up health care reform. Originally, it's the language Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) wanted to see in the Senate health care bill. In the end, he didn't get that.

But what he did get might still draw the ire of pro-choice activists and legislators. According to a senior Senate leadership aide, under the Nelson compromise, "[i]ndividuals receiving subsidies will have one premium that they pay with two distinct transactions."

Put another way: If you're buying insurance with help from the government, and the policy you want to buy covers abortions, you have to write two checks (or authorize two credit card transactions, etc.) for your plan. If the plan costs $1000 a month, and the insurer plans to sequester $50 to put into a pool that covers abortions, you have to make one payment of $950 and a separate payment of $50.

Are anti-abortion zealots really appeased by this silly provision? Is there any point to it at all except to make women prove they are godless little sluts by leaving a paper trail?

I guess not:

“The negotiations, whoever did them, threw unborn babies under the bus,” Coburn said.

God this country is stupid.

Update: Kagro muses on Stupak and Nelson and what it all means.

And this from Ezra Klein:

I liked David Waldman's response. The problem with leaving the decision up to the states, he says, is that it doesn't go far enough. "I think states should leave the abortion question up to the counties," he explains. "Then I think counties should leave the abortion question up to municipalities. Then the neighborhoods should leave the abortion question up to each block." And each block, as you might have guessed, should leave the abortion question up to each household.
Yes. Get the government out of our lives!