Putz On Tape

by digby

Big props to Greg Sargent for finding this video of Joe Lieberman from just three months ago making a very convincing argument for the Medicare buy-in.

People need to send the link to this to all the press and the villagers they can think of to show just how perfidious their favorite "man of integrity" is being on this. Thy won't care about the substance, but this helps expose Lieberman's pettiness which villagers always find uncomfortable. (The exposure, not the pettiness.)

Something like this can really destroy a sanctimonious jackass:

Update: This is gobbledygook. He didn't know then and he doesn't know now how the buy-in would score. And the 55+ crowd is actually pretty fucked in the finance committee legislation unless they are employed (and can hang on to their jobs by their fingernails until they are 65)or are quite poor. He's just making stuff up.