As Predicted

by tristero

On 11/13/09, I wrote that Louis Dobbs, was "a duplicitous flippy-floppy far-right opportunist whose morals stink as bad as an industrial hog farm" and characterized him as a "professional xenophobe."

Well, well. Looks like he's a' flip-floppin', and right on schedule:
Lou [sic] has always been supportive of high levels of legal immigration so long as the federal government is enacting public policy that includes programs to assimilate immigrants into American society. Lou [sic] is working hard on solutions that will help illegal immigrants in the country meet necessary conditions for a path to legalization. He is calling on the best minds in America to work together to constructively resolve the troubling challenges represented by as many as 20 million people in this country illegally.

Expect him to reach out into the Hispanic community, as well as to other parts of society, to find answers and solutions to not only illegal immigration but also larger economic and public policy issues ...
As noted earlier, there's a big difference between this rightwing lunatic (Dobbs) and others. He is a deep insider in mainstream American media. Odds are very good they will give Dobbs a free pass to disappear his history of insane statements and wacko advocacy.