Bad Voodoo

by digby

Reader JD sent in this amusing bit of color about Desiree Rogers:

I'm a little puzzled about the lack of research done on Ms. Rogers background. She may well be an "old Chicago pal" of Michele's, but she's originally from New Orleans. Everyone here knows her, she was Queen of Zulu back in the 70s (which, trust me, is a very big deal here, socially) and her maiden name is Glapion. Her father, Roy Glapion, was a popular city councilman until his death a few years back. He (as well as Ms. Rogers) is a direct descendant of the famed 19th century voodoo queen Marie Laveaux, who's married name was Glapion.

I'm not surprised that "the Village Tabbies" don't know this, but they should. Because descendants of "the widow Glapion" are not to be fucked with. Seriously.

Hah.  It sounds like Sally and her society boy-toy Mark Halperin need to get themselves a gris-gris, cher. (And I mean that in both the traditional and recreational definition of the word.)