Hating The Troops

by digby

Following up on Limbaugh's revolting comments, Turkana at Dkos writes:

Great comment from RichM:


I know now Limbaugh is obviously in a death spiral of "how low can you go". So what the fuck are we going to do about it? My suggestion? This should get his ass off of Armed Service Radio.

Limbaugh is disparaging a humanitarian effort by the U.S. military. He is disparaging a mission that should make our military proud. He is disparaging our military! Why is he on Armed Services Radio?

We've been there before, of course.  But this time he really has demeaned the whole US military, not just the badly injured vets he called "phony soldiers."

I recall that during the tsunami the military was on the ground working for weeks, so Limbaugh's claim that they only do this during Dem presidencies is just nonsnese. But I also recall seeing soldiers on TV saying they were very pleased to be able to help. I can't imagine they like being called "meals on wheels" when they are actually being quite heroic and saving desperate people from certain death.

And it's long past time for this smart-ass jerk to be taken off armed forces radio. It's insane that soldiers should have to listen to this crap all day and have to try to keep up their morale. Unless they hate thier country it's hard to see why they would want to. Limbaugh certainly does. He hates everybody.

Update:  is it possible that rightwingers actually see a thwarted terrorist attack and a shooting rampage in the US are equivalent to the massive human misery that we are seeing in  Haiti?

BECK: I also believe this is dividing the nation…to where the nation sees him react so rapidly on Haiti and yet he couldn’t react rapidly on Afghanistan. He couldn’t react rapidly on Ft. Hood. He couldn’t react rapidly on our own airplanes with an underwear bomber…it doesn’t make sense. [...] Three different events and Haiti is the only one. I think personally that it deepens the divide to see him react this rapidly to Haiti.

Well, Beck and his pals didn't like to see anyone give a damn about katrina victims either.  He said they were scumbags. 9/11 families too. He's just a soulless shell of a man.