by digby

Limbaugh goes kinky. Again:

It all started when Rush took a call from another fan who was mad at him for "going after Glenn Beck," something Rush hotly disputed. See, Rush has had a flood of calls and emails recently from fans who are disappointed that he hasn't realized that the GOP is as bad as the Democratic Party. Rush expressed his extreme frustration that this faction of his fans think he's gone astray. In order to solve the problem, Rush did what he assumed this faction of his listeners want to do to him: he spanked himself. Rush promised that it was going to be a treat for those of us watching the ditto cam, but we at the Limbaugh Wire are here to say: It. Was. Not.

Never one to waste a moment of sexism, Rush added that he "could have done that while looking at a photo of Hannah Storm."

Not that I care what consenting adults enjoy in their own private kinky world. But remember, this is a guy who thought the Abu Ghraib horrors were "blowing off steam."

Thank God there's no video of him spanking himself. I just ate.