The Plan

The Plan

by digby

Jonathan Cohn helpfully gives us the quick and dirty overview of the Obama health care proposal. It's pretty much the Senate bill with the reconciliation fixes everyone's discussed. The regulation of insurance rates was apparently a part of the discussions early on but was dropped in order to get the "cooperation" of the insurance industry, something which they have finally figured out isn't worth doing. All in all, no surprises.

The big show on Wednesday will probably be to publicly corner recalcitrant Dems into supporting the bill and to make the Republicans look bad, a la the Obama appearance at the GOP retreat last month. It remains to be seen as to whether or not any of that will work. I'm skeptical.

Anyway, of you are looking for the right wing reaction to the plan (dutifully set forth 72 hours in advance, as they demanded,) here's their first response:

h/t to strange apparatus