Reconciliation Twist

Reconciliation Twist

by digby

Ben Dimiero at Media Matters has helpfully assembled all the instances of shrieking Republican hypocrisy on the issue of "reconciliation" and the "nuclear option." Twisting Democrats into pretzels trying to explain why GOP nonsensical gibberish doesn't make sense is exactly the kind of politics at which they excel.

I heard a few Dems on TV sounding like they were reciting mathematical formulas when they should have been repeating "up or down vote" and "the country wants this congress to get things done." They don't seem to get that the difficult thing for people to understand is the crazy filibuster and arcane terms like "cloture", not the 51 vote majority requirement. That's standard 8th grade civics.

They should just say that they will pass the bill with a majority and leave it at that. Nobody gives a damn about "reconciliation" except political junkies and Chris Matthews, who doesn't know what he's talking about either. Let the Republicans howl about it all they want --- they look like losers who are whining about majority rule. Fine. That's something people can understand. They are losers who are whining about majority rule.