This Time With Feeliing

by digby

Dday points out that Begala's plan to force the Republicans to vote on their budget isn't exactly new. They did it last year and it split the GOP caucus, but nobody noticed, not even Paul Begala, which doesn't speak well for its usefulness again this year.

I actually disagree a little bit. It's a campaign year, the political landscape is substantially different and the Democrats seem to be at least tepidly interested in creating contrasts rather than papering over differences now. It's an unlikely strategy for them, but the signs are that they will work harder to expose the Republicans' plans than they did during the era of faith healing when the last budget was passed.

I agree with Dday that they aren't good at this sort of thing, so it remains to be seen if they can actually pull it off without being punk'd themselves (it would be a first) but I think it's worth trying. It's election season and they have to run on something --- running against conservative ideology would be my choice in any year, but especially this one.