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Village Buzz

by digby

Oh my. Somebody finally noticed that the Queen bee was using the pages of the Washington Post to wash out her dirty family linen.

A newsroom source at the Washington Post has just confirmed that the very survival of Sally Quinn's dreadful column, "The Party," has been the topic of several high-level discussions at the paper this week. The talks follow a column penned by Quinn last Friday, in which she laid out all the reasons for a wedding-scheduling snafu in her family. The column was a response to some negative stories written about how the date of the wedding of Quinn's son, Bradlee Quinn Quinn Bradlee, coincided with that of Quinn's husband's granddaughter. A decision on the fate of the column has reportedly escalated all the way to Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli.

It wasn't any more embarrassing than the rest of her noxious, insider drivel, but it was somewhat peculiar in that she assumed that her little family drama was actually worthy of discussion in a major newspaper. (She should have put up a Facebook page like all the bigshot presidential aspirants do.)

The question is, will anyone at the paper have the nerve to finally put this All The Camelot's Men hanger-on out to pasture?

Update: Speaking of Facebook, there are already those out there trying to save Quinn's job, although not for reasons of which she would approve ...