by digby

Meanwhile, here's the other bright light of the Republican party talking about health care on bff Greta Von Susteran's show last night:

“It really reflects the lack of experience of President Obama’s, which it was warned about during the campaign – that candidate Obama did not have executive experience; he hasn’t been an administrator or manager of anything, so to jump into this huge, hugely important responsible position as President of the United States without the experience to know how to work across party lines and to know how to administer and to manage a team to get policy through that makes sense and is supported by the people – it’s a bit over his head if you will and things are not going well, and the public is really voicing their frustration. That’s what you mentioned in the 100,000 plus calls that are choking up Congress’ switchboard right now. That’s the voice of the people and their frustration."

These people are exhausting.