Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke

by digby

There are different ways of interpreting the Bible, but this is pretty unbelievable:

Stephen Colbert,interviewing Mary Matalin:

Colbert: First question, why are you wearing a cross? You know Jesus preached social justice. Makes you look like a commie.

Matalin: Yes he did. He also preached teach em how to fish. Not give em a fish, right? You don't work you don't eat.

Colbert: He said "I will make you fishers of men." I don't think Jesus said "if you don't work you don't eat." I think that was Cool Hand Luke.

I think this explains the reason why the Republicans are so upset at the idea that the government should do something to help the tens of millions of people who don't have health insurance. They think it says so in the Bible. The problem is that the people they're listening to see Atlas Shrugged as the Bible. That misunderstanding has led to some confusion.

You should go look at the video to see the size of the glittering diamond cross she's wearing. I think she must have ripped it off of a Cathedral somewhere. I don't think the Queen of England in her capacity as head of the Church has anything like that. (Either that or it's one of those Baby Phat zircons you can buy in the Lillian Vernon catalog.)

Update: Here you go:

Beck: "Jesus Martinez" might favor health bill, "[b]ut not the Jesus from Nazareth that I know"