Once More With Feeling

Once More With Feeling

by digby

Right wing lies and distortions about the health care bill just keep on coming. Thank goodness there are enough wonks and analysts out there to bat them back, although I'm really doubting at this point it makes any difference in the short run. The proof will be in the pudding and that will take years. So, we'll be fighting this nonsense for some time to come even if the bill passes.

Here are a couple of useful arguments for you to take to the water cooler. First we have have the nonsense about taxpayer paid abortions. This article gives you the full run down on the two amendments, what they mean and don't mean. It exposes Bart Stupak, once again, for the liar and bad faith player he is. Here is the second, about the use of the reconciliation process that exposes David brooks, once again, for the liar he is.

Look them over, bookmark them and then, in the vernacular of the rightwing hysterics, shove it down the throats of anyone who spouts these right wing lies. Our culture is so saturated with this propaganda that it's hard to hold on to reality. We have no choice but to keep trying.