Moving In

Moving In

by digby

For those of you who have an interest in internecine Democratic politics this article by Ryan Grim and Arthur Delaney about the power struggle within the party between the progressives and the Blue Dogs is fascinating stuff. It discusses at length the fight for the public option in the House and the influence of the progressives inside and outside the process throughout. Many lessons to be learned.

Of course this is the version set forth by those recounting the story, so it's probably a good idea to keep just a little bit of skepticism in the back of your mind as one always should do with a story like this. Everyone has reasons for relating things the way they do. But as someone who followed this pretty closely, albeit from outside the beltway, this certainly tracks with what I know of the way the caucuses work and accurately describes many of the dynamics to which I was privy.

It's an awesome piece of journalism. Kudos to Grim and Delaney.