Toying With Huck

Toying With Huck

by digby

You can always count on Gloria Borger to keep you up to speed on the Village conventional wisdom. For instance, here's the headline of her piece today:

Why Democrats shouldn't toy with Lindsey Graham

Why? Cuz he's a mavericky maverick. Sure, they probably don't have the votes for either the climate bill or the immigration bill, with or without Huckleberry, but still, they should kiss his ring at every opportunity because he's well ... him.

She does point out that they don't have the votes for either bill, which puts Graham's hissy fit into a rather different light (and naturally there's no mention of the odd coincidence that Graham was being outed by anti-immigration teabaggers back in South Carolina -- since the rumor is an open secret in DC, they figure that everyone in South Carolina knows it and doesn't care, which isn't true at all.) But then Gloria is deep into the Village, which continues to believe things like this:

I've spoken with a number of Democratic strategists who shake their heads at Reid's move.

"What Democrats need to do is spend the rest of the year voting on issues where Democrats are on the same side as the public," says one Democratic strategist. "It's all going to crowd out the message of jobs, economic reform and health care reform."

Right. The "public" (aka Real Americans) don't care about immigration reform. Or as Gloria puts it:

...with a 10 percent unemployment rate, voters may well be less hospitable to a measure that ensures that there will be more people competing for jobs

Certainly, no self respecting Democratic strategist should care about such silly things as this:

Arizona immigrant law animates Hispanics, Democrats

If that keeps up, the Democrats might even have a chance of getting out the vote in November. Who wants that?