What Is This Tea Party You Speak Of?

What Is This Tea Party You Speak Of?

by digby

Rupert Murdoch appeared before the National Press Club yesterday and Seth Michaels Ari Rabin-Havt asked him if he thought it was appropriate for a news network to be promoting the tea party.

Of course Murdoch said he didn't think they should be promoting the tea party "or any other party," so we know he's full of it right there. FOX is the propaganda arm of the GO after all. (Believe me, ratings are the frosting on the cake, not the raison d'etre.)

However, I would guess that he, like Rove and some others, are getting increasingly nervous about the teabaggers going rogue on them and voting third party. They would likely only do it once(they'll come back to the fold in a presidential year unless a wealthy Perot type turns up)but once would be all it takes to thwart the GOP's plans to take back the congress in the fall and it would lay waste to the claim that Real Americans are taking back their country from the socialist usurpers.

Fox helped create this monster (with the help of other major funders) but it's not completely trained. The last thing Murdoch wanted was for the Republicans to lose voters, even for just one cycle. Nothing they can do about that now.