Incomprehensible -- running as fiscal conservatives on the backs of the unemployed


by digby

We have our class war. And the Blue Dogs are on the side of the uppers. Dday reports:
The House of Representatives passed a jobs bill shorn of multiple stimulative efforts today, barely getting enough votes from Blue Dogs more concerned about short-term deficits and political considerations than public health. In order to ensure passage, House Democrats took out an extension of the 65% COBRA study and funding for the states for Medicaid. Progressive Democrats tried to object to the rule bringing the bill to the floor, but their protest fell just short, with 36 Democrats opposing.


The Senate plans to take up these two bills, now, after the one-week Memorial Day recess. Jobless Americans who wanted to keep their old health insurance with their 65% COBRA subsidy, or poor Americans who hoped that their states would get a boost for Medicaid so they could qualify, won’t be so lucky. Surely the Blue Dogs will sleep well anyway.
Let's hope not. This is simple cruelty at this point.

It's also sickening considering that the prsident announced this week that he will spend 500 million on unnecessary "border security" to try to appease a bunch of nativist asses who are unappeasable.

I am honestly gobsmacked that this government has decided that pretending to care about the deficit on the backs of the unemployed is good politics or good policy at a time of 10% unemployment. It's mind boggling. I guess they figure the other 90% are employed so to hell with those losers.

Empathy is now officially no longer considered a virtue. Good to know.