"It will never end" --- Michael Tomasky gets the import of the Sestak non-scandal

"It Will Never End"

by digby

Michael Tomasky is worried about the Sestak non-scandal for the right reason:

The real import of this story is this: If the Reps capture the House of Representatives this fall, they will have basically limitless power to keep these things churning forever, turning political horse-trading into potential crimes. They'll hold hearings, issue subpoenas, you name it. Remember the Clinton days. It will never end.

And they're even crazier now then they were then, now that they've convinced themselves we got us a Mooslum preznit.

This is what's at stake this fall. Forget policy. It's this: endless hearings and investigations until they find something that gets the public worked up, or until the public just cries uncle and says oh okay we're sick of hearing you crazy people, if it'll shut you up, just impeach the bastard already.

Those who extol the virtues of divided government take heed. There won't just be legislative gridlock. There will be chaos.

The sad thing is that I see no sign among most of the political establishment that they have even the slightest awareness of how the dynamics that feed this beast work, even now, after all these years. The machine that used to depend upon Rush, Drudge and a few Tory malcontents has grown to a vast corporate empire. You can't underestimate how far they'll go.

h/t to bill