On sending messages --- both parties should listen to what their voters are telling them

Sending Messages

by digby

Alex Castellanos just said that Kentucky proves that Republicans want Republicans to be more conservative and the Democrats want Democrats to be more conservative.

That is utter bullshit. They are talking about Rand Paul as if he's the second coming of morning in America, true, but the fact is that Jack Conway has won the Democratic primary against a far more conservative opponent --- and Dem turnout was way higher that GOP turnout, Paul-mania notwithstanding. The November narrative is turned on its axis.

Teabaggers may be sending their party a message, but progressives are sending one to theirs as well and it isn't to be more conservative. (And both of them are saying one thing in unison: would you mind if we pick our own representatives please?)

If you'd like to send a message the Democrats can understand, go here. (We've got a big primary challenge coming up here in California next month that could send shockwaves through the establishment: Winograd vs Harman. It could happen.)

Update: Sestak wins! It looks like Pennsylvania Democrats don't like being told they have to vote for Republicans either. Let the games begin.