Republicans hurling accusations of voter fraud and vote suppression. At each other. Hahahaha ...

How Do You Like it Now?

by digby

In case you wondered if Rand Paul's campaign could let loose with a patented GOP hissy fit, wonder no more. His campaign issued a statement in response to the accusations that his supporters have been intimidating voters with their "vigilance" against "voter fraud." Dave Weigel reports that they issued a statement which:

... mocks "Charles Merwin Grayson III" and accuses him of "lies and distortions," including willful misreading of election law. One Paul source tells me that the sense in their camp is that Grayson has "lost it."

Charles Merwin Grayson III, in this, his Last Stand, has escalated his campaign of lies and distortions about the Paul campaign. Grayson, who is the Secretary of State and Chair of the Kentucky Board of Elections, and therefore charged with the monitoring of the election laws, has obviously attempted to signal poll workers who work under his authority to prevent the Paul campaign from engaging in legal and constitutionally protected activities to assure a fair and free election. – a task Grayson should applaud...

It goes on about the law and interpreting the law and rises in tone to a fever pitch of nearly hysterical outrage that anyone, anywhere, could possibly accuse them of doing anything untoward. Textbook hissy fit.

For those uninitiated in the GOP's vote suppression tactics, here's a lovely little story about a man in Arizona, a few decades ago.

(I have to admit that I'm quite enjoying watching the Republicans use their playbook on each other. How do you like it now, McConnell?)