Short term problem for the Democrats is a huge long term problem for the Republicans

Short Term Horror For Dems, Long Term Horror For GOP

by digby


By a two-to-one margin Hispanics are more strongly opposed than Americans overall to the recent immigration measure signed in to law in Arizona that would make it a state crime to reside there illegally.

Seven in 10, 70%, of Hispanic respondents said they are somewhat or strongly opposed to the law, compared with 34% of all respondents in the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll set for release later today.

Among Hispanics, 27% are somewhat or strongly supportive of Arizona’s law; that compares with 64% of respondents overall.

That sounds bad, but it's long term problem for the right. I sure hope they keep this up.

Here's the ad Pete Wilson ran in 1994. The numbers in California that year were similar because the state was slow to come out of the 92 recession.

He won. But the Republican Party was decimated and unless they run a (foreign born) celebrity cyborg they can't get elected to much of anything.

The Republicans also have to be worrying just a little bit about the fact that this issue falls way down the list of the country's biggest concerns. So, while 70% of my fellow freedom loving Americans may think it's just ducky to racially profile and even treat legal immigrants (or people who just look like them) like second class citizens, most of them are unlikely to vote on that issue.

On the other hand, young Hispanic Americans are unlikely to ever forget it.