Some Hope For Sanity

Some Hope For Sanity

by digby

It looks like the world has not gone completely mad:

A team of Justice Department attorneys has written a recommendation challenging the Arizona immigration law.

The draft recommendation, part of an ongoing Justice Department review, concludes the Arizona legislature exceeded its authority in crafting a law that could impede federal responsibility for enforcing immigration laws.

Some department lawyers are also concerned that the law could lead to abuses based on race.

The review, however, is not yet complete and there are some within the Justice Department who challenge the recommendation's legal analysis. Sources tell ABC News that the ongoing review may take weeks more and that no formal recommendation has been sent to the White House.

The White House will have to give its stamp of approval for the Justice Department to challenge the law because this is a civil case.

I suppose that's not all that comforting considering how flaccid the White House been about these matters. But still, I'll take it. At least there are some lawyers in the Obama Justice department who have some concerns about this. I'll take what I can get.