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Absorbing Blows

by digby

A lovely sentiment from a CATO scholar:

Apparently, a lot of people think twitter is a private conversation --- and this is how they talk among their friends. It's funny stuff. Revealing too.

But perhaps he was actually talking about how undocumented workers are able to absorb blows and 50,000 volts. When the Border Patrol isn't shooting down 15 year old kids, they're beating and electrocuting them with tasers.

Here's an entertaining news report featuring footage of the man screaming in pain:

Once again, you have police officers killing a human being by tasering them repeatedly while he is in handcuffs and on the ground. His begging "please, please" while screaming in agony was evidently an invitation to taser him some more. And then he "stopped breathing."

I'm guessing that the lesson here is that when they put you in handcuffs,face down and taser you, you are supposed to stay silent and not respond to the 50,000 volts passing through your body lest they think you are being non-compliant. Good to know, even if it's impossible. There's no screaming allowed.

The man they killed had been in the country for more than 20 years and reportedly owned a pool cleaning business. (Naturally, they are saying that he was high on meth, because that's required if the police are to make the "excited delirium" (aka, the death in police custody disease)defense stick.)

But hey, let's keep up the jokes. Nothing's more hilarious than environmental catastrophe and making fun of people who are so low on the social scale that police are allowed to electrocute them with impunity is just too much fun.

h/t to bb