Churlish, shortsighted and petty ---

Churlish And Petty

by digby

I'm going to be charitable and chalk up these churlish comments from an unnamed official to fatigue rather than stupidity. But in the future the White House would probably do well to remember that as much as they loathe their base that they still need them to get out the vote in November. They should also remember that Blanche Lincoln is not a particularly reliable ally to the administration while labor is essential.

Also, constantly belittling the democratic process and condescendingly telling their voters to shut up and do as they're told is not likely to garner the defense of the netroots who are the only defenders they have when the right wing and the villagers decide to turn the administration's sleazy-but-legal political practices into a scandal. It gets harder and harder to work ourselves up on their behalf when they say things like this.

This is just stupid politics and they should be above it. I assume they do want to win some more elections against Republicans, but maybe I'm wrong about that. They certainly seem less inclined to use them for a doormat for petty reasons and they rarely forget their manners to quite the same extent.