Darrell Issa -- Corporate America's best friend.

Letting Corporate America Know Who It's Friends Are

by digby

Greg Sargent caught a gem this morning:

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa effectively pledged that if Republicans take back the House, corporate America will be able to breathe easy.

The quote is buried in a Politico article about a recent speech Issa gave, in which he revealed he's planning to hire reams of subpoena-wielding investigators as chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee if Republicans take back the House:

At a recent speech to Pennsylvania Republicans here, he boasted about what would happen if the GOP wins 39 seats, and he gets the power to subpoena.

"That will make all the difference in the world," he told 400 applauding party members during a dinner at the chocolate-themed Hershey Lodge. "I won't use it to have corporate America live in fear that we're going to subpoena everything. I will use it to get the very information that today the White House is either shredding or not producing."

Issa's making a big move to become a national GOP leader. And he's doing it by promising to let loose the hounds of hell on the White House if he gets his grubby hands on subpeona power. Ok fine, GOP SOP, to be expected. But this is a new twist. He's openly promising to go easy on corporations at the same time.

Issa is an interesting character. He reminds me a lot of Newtie, without all the cheap imitation professorial posing. At heart he's an opportunistic backstabber with a boatload of ambition and a malfunctioning filter. He's basically a McCarthyite, just like Gingrich:

(And it goes without saying, I hope, that he's living in a glass house.)