Glenn Beck : "Blacks Don't Own MLK" Everybody knows only white people have that privilege.

"Blacks Don't Own Martin Luther King"

by digby

Oh, and "too many" have gotten lazy and distorted Martin Luther King's ideas.

Yep that's Beck, the most idiotic man in the media. Well almost. Wingnuts everywhere are having a hard time understanding what's wrong with that comment:

@DanFosterNRO offensive b/c Beck wrong 2 say blacks think that or b/c blacks DO own MLK?

I guess it just doesn't occur to these people that any discussions of "owning" an African American civil rights icon are, by definition, offensive. To then derisively tell blacks that they don't own him and then in the next breath say they have gotten "lazy" and distorted his ideas is so obviously outrageous that I have to think they are being purposefully obtuse. This isn't political incorrectness, it's just plain old crude stupidity.

Please listen to the whole thing. It's unintentionally hilarious in the places that aren't hideously offensive.