High Tech Lynching of A Dead Man -- Kagan worked for an "agitator"

High Tech Lynching Of A Dead Man

by digby

I missed the Kagan hearings this morning, but from what I'm gathering it was pretty much a high tech lynching of Justice Thurgood Marshall. Seriously. Evidently, he was one of those "activist" judges (and a community organizer too, I'm sure)and I think we all know what he was agitating for, don't we?

Meanwhile, she is an "out of the mainstream" elitist, weirdo (lesbian, NY Jew) who worked for a you-know-what and liked it. Ever since Beauregard Sessions ascended to the ranking Republican position on the Judiciary Committee whatever uhm ... subtlety the Republican strategy once had has evaporated into crude dogwhistling.

They really have been reduced to nothing but a walking wingnut id. That's all there is.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court today just overturned 70 years worth of gun control precedent. Nothing activist about that, no sirree.