If it weren't for gun control, we'd all love one another

Gun Control Pulls The Trigger

by digby

Instaputz notes the sick reaction of the Ole Perfesser to the news of shootings in Chicago over the week-end:


Six people were killed and at least three dozen wounded in acts of violence -- mainly shootings -- throughout the city of Chicago over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Putz's reaction:


Certainly Glenn Reynolds believes that gun control doesn't solve the problem of gun crime, but from the snotty tone, it also appears that he holds gun control advocates responsible for the deaths themselves. I guess he really believes that if everybody were armed nobody would ever fire their weapons. Why these guys think that I will never understand. It's as if they actually think that violence is always a rational act. Maybe in Libertarian Disneyland that's true, but here on planet earth, people's passions often get the best of them and when that happens, if guns are present, some people are likely to get shot.