Look Who's Talking --- Helen Thomas hissy fit from the people who want to revoke the 14th amendment

Look Who's Talking

by digby

Helen Thomas expressed a truly ugly point of view and there's no defending it except to chalk it up to the lack of filter most 90 year olds seem to develop. But please, please spare me the outrage from people who have been telling me my whole life to "love it or leave it" and are in the process of trying to revoke the citizenship of people who were born in this country to "send them back" to where their parents come from. And please don't try to tell me that there hasn't been many a discussion among the wingnuts that ended with the statement that we "should round up all the ragheads and send them back to the desert" and the like. Just because they want to pretend to like Jews for the moment (the enemy of my enemy etc) doesn't mean they don't have exactly the same impulse as Thomas when it comes to the idea of "repatriation" of all sorts of people they don't like.

But hey, they got an 89 year old woman's scalp, so I'm sure they feel very morally superior. Wake me when they introduce the bill to revoke the 14th amendment.